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Google Pixels are getting ready for satellite connectivity in case of an emergency

Discreetly but constantly, Google is providing new and interesting features to its Google Pixel smartphones. Some are particularly new and even somewhat surprising,...

Why do cargo ships carrying electric vehicles often burn and sink?

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Will Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 run at 4.30GHz?

Although its arrival is still months away, we can now be sure that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 will be the SoC with which...

The reason why Asians almost never have blue eyes goes back 10,000 years

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Russia: An artist who protested against the war in Ukraine was sentenced to seven years in prison

Court in St. Petersburg. Russiasentenced this Thursday to seven years in prison for Alexandra SkochilenkoThe 33-year-old artist, after being accused of spreading false information...

European Commission president to discuss rules of artificial intelligence with OpenAI CEO

European Commission president Thierry Breton will meet with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in San Francisco next month to discuss how...


One of the biggest handicaps of fast charging today is undoubtedly Not all chargers can support this power and the vast majority...



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