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Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 5G and Note 12: economical range with a great battery and an enviable balance 1 comment

Along with the Redmi Note 12 Pro and Pro+, Xiaomi has launched the Redmi Note 12, a mid-range phone family, at an...

Vivo X Note: Seven inches and 2K resolution as mobile phones aren’t big enough anyway

Vivo introduced the company's first foldable product, the Vivo X Fold. However, they released the Vivo X Note, High-end with 7-inch...

The European Union has banned the transfer of Ericsson and Nokia technologies to Russian telecom operators.

as he reported channel 24The fifth package of sanctions against Russia, approved on April 8, applies to the supply of technology to Russia, including...

Second-hand country: The Russian electronics market is increasingly shifting to second-hand products

Even the propaganda media acknowledge the difficult situation. So, the publication "Kommersant" published an article entitled "Electronics of the second freshness. Large retailers...

Elon Musk unveils updated Cybertruck electric pickup truck

At the event, company president Elon Musk showed off another updated version of the Cybertruck, unlike the one that was officially shown before. ...

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