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Hamas confirms the start of new negotiations in Egypt on a possible ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

The Islamist group Hamas has confirmed the start of new negotiations this Sunday and tomorrow, Monday, in Cairo (Egypt) with a view to a...


HE Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G It is probably one of the best phones under 300 euros on the market. ...


During the strict lockdown of 2020, two things happened simultaneously. On the one hand, Microsoft stopped providing the minimal remaining service...


Miravia reduce a little Sony WH-CH520 wireless Bluetooth headset and drops them for only 39.20 euros. If you also take advantage...



TikTok tracks you even if you’re not a user: trackers found all over the internet

The code for the TikTok Pixel web tracker has been spotted on a number of high-traffic US sites. These include resources such as...

Toyota closes all Japanese factories due to malfunction

Toyota Corporation will temporarily cease operations of all auto assembly plants in Japan due to a malfunction in the production...


Gadget of the future: Asus unveils the world’s first flexible Zenbook 17 Fold OLED laptop

As he reported channel 24Asus has announced the start of sales of the extraordinary Zenbook 17 Fold OLED (UX9702). Even...

Foldable Google Pixel no longer has secrets: Price and design filtered according to Prosser 7’s comments

The Foldable Pixel has been around for a long time. The phone is an open secret and leaks...


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