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If WhatsApp sounds are boring you, put the voice of Homer Simpson or Darth Vader on them with these tricks.

there are almost too many haters We consider WhatsApp audios to be lovers of this format (especially if those who send them). However, there is a way to get even those who hate such messages to thank them. we are applying send funny sounds and not just for the content, but for the form as well.

There are ways to make fun of your family and friends by changing your voice on WhatsApp. For example, having a synthesizer succeed in converting a text to a text. voice narrated by a well-known character or that you have recorded a sound, but your voice turns Modulating your timbre, pitch and speed to simulate being someone else. In this article, we tell you how you can do this with 3+1 applications.

Three apps you can laugh at on WhatsApp

The applications we will offer you, free and available on Google Play. As you will see, its main purpose is to be able to record a sound that you can modify later, with effects already created or modified by yourself. Obviously, they may be recordings that just don’t get out of there later, but we think it’s more fun (and more relevant to this post) if you share them on WhatsApp or in other ways to surprise friends and family.

Android Audio App

Screenshot of Voice Changer with Effects app on Android

The first of these applications voice changer with effects. From the name, we already know very well what it offers, but if you have the slightest doubt, let’s say it provides a set of pre-rendered effects that will make your voice sound like it was recorded with helium in the throat. You look like a drunk with a deep voice, even Darth Vader.

voice changer with effects

voice changer with effects

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: baviux
  • Download at: Google Play

apps 2

Screenshot of Voice Changer app on Android

With voice changer You can achieve similar effects as in the previous application. In this case, it not only lets you record a voicemail instantly, but also lets you import the voices already saved on your mobile and convert them with one of its effects. Yes, it includes a set of effects reserved for the ‘Pro’ version of the app (for a fee). It also contains ads, although it can be removed quickly.

Voice changer - music recorder with effects

Voice changer – music recorder with effects

  • Price: Free (with premium features)
  • Developer: Shark Studio – Cool music effects
  • Download at: Google Play

apps 3

Screenshot of TTS Narrator Voice app on Android

With TTS Narrator Voice you will find the inverse function. In other words, in this case you write a text and you can choose from various types of voices to be the narrator of the text. It’s something like Loquendo and it will let you compose funny messages with your own jokes, but this looks like it was recorded by someone else.

Narrator's Voice - TTS

Narrator’s Voice – TTS

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Shark Studio – Cool music effects
  • Download at: Google Play

BONUS: This website turns your text into the voice of Homer Simpson (and many others)

fake you

Fake You website is getting very popular lately as it allows. write a text later narrated by a famous person. It is getting so popular that even the website itself warns that you may experience some slowdown in processing when you enter it. But if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to download a fun voice message to send via WhatsApp.

This working It’s simple and you’ll find a series of drop-down menus where you just have to select a famous character (search by category or language), type the text yourself, and then click the button. Talk To start creating the sound Once done, you can play it from the web and download it to your phone memory for sharing.

apps 4

Between most prominent characters The one we found on Fake You is the well-known Homer Simpson, accompanied by other characters from the yellow family like Bart or Lisa. We also find humor icons like Chiquito de la Calzada, famous voice actors like Constantino Romero or popular content creators like Jordi Wild. Also characters from other animated series like Doraemon, Peter Griffin (Family Guy) or Yoda (Star Wars).

Source: Xatak Android



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