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It’s possible to control the whole house with a single button: This tiny Xiaomi device does it for less than 6 euros No comment

Xiaomi does not cease to amaze us. Almost every week we see the new products of the Asian firm presented in China and even in the Global market, but not all are capable of providing so much value for so little money.. We already guess that this is not the case with the new Xiaomi Wireless Switch Bluetooth Edition, a device built to control all the home automation in your home with a simple button.

Additionally, you can do it for an almost ridiculous price. 39 yuan, about 5.30 euros to exchange but unfortunately it’s only available for purchase in China for now. Below we’ll tell you what its main features are, but we’re already guessing it’s surprising what it can offer us if we have to pay so little.

This is the new Xiaomi mobile key that does not require installation.

Xiaomi Wireless Switch Bluetooth Version 1

As you can see in its official images, the new Xiaomi Wireless Switch Bluetooth Edition, as the name suggests, is a simple Bluetooth button that we can configure with a single tap from the Mi Home app. Ability to turn any compatible device on or off completely wirelessly.

The most striking aspect on the aesthetic level is that we can operate it on any surface, thanks to the fact that it is made of plastic on the upper part and the lower sole is covered with non-slip rubber. Additionally, best of all, according to Xiaomi itself, the lifetime of this device is more than 50,000 keystrokes therefore, it is really durable despite its low price.

Xiaomi Wireless Switch Bluetooth Version 2

In addition to what we mentioned, you should know that there is only one key. can control up to three smart devices simultaneously with a response time of just 350msSomething we can do by physically pressing the button itself or via the XiaoAi voice assistant is brutal versatility we didn’t expect in such a cheap product.

Price and availability of Xiaomi Wireless Switch Bluetooth Version

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, the new Xiaomi Wireless Switch Bluetooth Edition Already in China you can buy it for only 39 yuan, about 5.30 euros to change. At this time, the brand has not confirmed whether it will be available for purchase later in the Global market, but we will keep you informed if it finally arrives as it is a very interesting product considering its price.

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