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The new Android Auto, which has started to reach the whole world with the Coolwalk design for a few weeks, offers its users the benefits of its new interface, but not all the improvements and advantages that every version of Android Auto brings.

Android Auto settings have lost an option that is very practical for many users: the option to enable or disable Android Auto wirelessly. Google has removed this in the latest versions of its app.

You can no longer disable wireless Android Auto

With the proliferation of wireless Android Auto, all mobile phones with Android 11 or higher are compatible and in recent months new cars also allow us to connect the mobile to the car wirelessly. This may be why Google removed this setting.

Android Auto Wireless

Left: previous versions of Android Auto | Right: Android Auto 8.7+

Choice “Wireless Android Auto” It had several uses. The first was knowing. if our mobile was compatible with wireless Android Auto. If this option appeared in the settings, it meant we could do it. Using Android Auto wirelessly.

The second utility was to disable this option if our car is not compatible with wireless Android Auto. Now said support will always be active and there will be no way to disable it, but it’s okay to have it always active now.

The third utility, which has caused complaints from some users, Temporarily disable Android Auto over the air a practical thing for those sharing the same car and driving together in the car, so that another cell phone connects wirelessly to the vehicle, the co-pilot disables this option, the car does not connect to their own cell phone, and yes to the cell phone of the person who will be driving the car.

To fix this little problem now, it will be necessary to temporarily disable the Bluetooth of the mobile phone we don’t want the car to connect to Android Auto. After connecting to the other mobile phone wirelessly, you can re-enable the Bluetooth feature of the other mobile phone.

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