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Android Auto brings our favorite apps to the car screen, but Google continues to exercise tight control over which apps are allowed and which aren’t. Weather apps have no place in Android Auto (yet), but there is one that manages to get around a corner: weather science.

Android Auto showed before Coolwalk temperature and current situation in the top bar, and from then on all you can do is tap the Weather icon and listen to Google Assistant’s brief description of the weather. Try this or Weatherology.

weather in Android Auto

the only way you have Find out the weather on Android Auto One thing you can do directly by tapping the Weather icon that appears in the app drawer is to ask the Google Assistant. Now, the information Google Assistant gives you is somewhat limited: it’s limited to telling the current temperature and condition as well as what’s planned for that day.

If you are looking for an app to see the weather on Android Auto, we have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that Google doesn’t allow non-navigation apps to have an interface, so you won’t be able to see the simplified information visually. what you can do hear the forecast of the day more fully.

Weather on mobile

Weather on mobile

Weatherology is one of the few apps that dares to offer. weather forecast on android autoand for this it had to adapt to the requirements: working with sound only. Even when you use it on your mobile phone, the app only shows a few data in the text: all importance is given to the verbal prediction as if it were a podcast.

In Android Auto, the app works like any other music app, with a tab for the current forecast, a tab for news, an ephemeris, and a glossary of weather terms, in case you’ve ever wondered what a katabatic wind is. You can disable these additional tabs from the mobile app.


Weather Science on Android Auto

As we play our forecast for the day, the weather server we choose in the app (five to choose from) will tell us forecast and current status for today and next days, in a short voicemail, but that covers a lot more than what Google Assistant tells us. If we wish, we can also choose between different background music from the application.

The bet is absolutely original, although it has a major drawback, especially considering that there are almost no similar alternatives in Android Auto audio english, in addition to the system’s limitation of not being able to visually display information, at least for now. We’ll see if Google will open up on this issue in the future.

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