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Alice Smith is a seasoned journalist and writer for Div Bracket. She has a keen sense of what's important and is always on top of the latest trends. Alice provides in-depth coverage of the most talked-about news stories, delivering insightful and thought-provoking articles that keep her readers informed and engaged.

What is the wake up virus and why is Elon Musk blaming it for the Net’s downfall?

Although the video stream is passing through the best moment, the pioneers of this movement are no delight. Netflix has started losing users...

Twitter could be very expensive for Elon Musk

Elon Musk's plans to take control of Twitter seem to be moving forward. And it's because if she first announced her $ 43,000...

Netflix adds a new category center

No one will lose the fact that Netflix has been facing a complicated situation, at least for a short time. And as we...

Samsung introduces the new SoC Exynos 1280

We've said it many times, and this Samsung Exynos 1280 is another example: The high-end and top of the line set the standard in...

Improve the security of your router in three easy steps

Securing your router is essential so that you can enjoy a good internet connection, and the reason is very simple, this device is the...

CNN +, the most volatile streaming service in history?

It is possible, even probable, that this is the first time you have read about CNN +, a recent and brand new streaming service...

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