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CMA gives provisional green light to Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard

The UK's CMA played a key role in Microsoft's...

EU fines Intel 376 million euros for discriminating against AMD (in 2009)

The antitrust case against Intel has been ongoing for...


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Microsoft introduced two new laptops and a tablet

American company Microsoft introduced two new Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Laptop Go 3 laptops, as well as a...

James Webb found a carbon source on the surface of Jupiter’s moon

Using data from NASA's James Webb space telescope, astronomers discovered carbon dioxide on the icy surface of Jupiter's moon Europa. ...

Cisco buys cybersecurity company for $28 billion in cash

American multinational Cisco is acquiring cybersecurity software company Splunk for approximately $28 billion in cash. ...

Microsoft is launching a new entry-level model with the Surface Laptop Go 3

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 doesn't change much about the successful formula of the previous model. The exterior remains the same, the...

Microsoft 365 Copilot is available starting November 1st

Microsoft launches the long-awaited 365 Copilot. The AI ​​assistant for Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Co will support you from November 1st if you...

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