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I'm Sandra Torres, a passionate journalist and content creator. My specialty lies in covering the latest gadgets, trends and tech news for Div Bracket. With over 5 years of experience as a professional writer, I have built up an impressive portfolio of published works that showcase my expertise in this field.

Acceleration course: TSMC wants to produce first 2 nanometer processors this year

Engineers and support personnel have reportedly been sent to Zhuke's R&D facility in Baoshan City to prepare for trial production of the new chips....

Apple Vision Pro AR glasses: the cost of the gadget and how to buy it

What is the priceHere's how Apple predicted its future innovation: 3499 dollars. For comparison: Channel 24 writes that the price of the iPhone...

Vision Pro, MacBook Air and new OS versions: this and more from Apple’s WWDC 2023 conference

The most anticipated announcement of the presentation was of course the mixed reality title. There were many rumors about it and its release...

Apple introduced a product that will replace Face ID, which will be attached to the Vision Pro headset

Apple's Vision Pro headset will take a new approach to the safety of the company's products: your eyes. In fact, the Optical ID...

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