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The traffic police learned to plant road drills for 15 days

The Sochi traffic police "burn with napalm" local lovers of dangerous and brutal driving on public roads. The AvtoVzglyad...

What is better for the driver to crash into if an accident is unavoidable

The situation on the road does not always develop the way we want it to. After all, even if...

Why an electric car is a ruinous luxury both in Europe and in Russia

"Electric trains" are gradually gaining their place under the sun in the Russian car market. Chinese brands do not...

Why a car battery can explode even in mild frost

In the winter, the battery of the car is put under extra strain. The result is frequent battery discharges....

How China is ending the future of the US auto industry

The electrification of the automotive industry, multiplied by the global rivalry of world economies, sometimes leads to bizarre effects for...

Every fifth Russian will buy a car in 2023

The car quickly changes from a means of transport into an inaccessible luxury. In addition, the gap between the...

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