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Celebrities announce cryptocurrency investments: Names from Turkey are on the list

We have almost all heard about investing in various cryptocurrencies, which go up and down. Of course, after such popularity famous names We know that he also invests in various cryptocurrencies.

When we talk about well-known names investing in cryptocurrencies, the first thing that comes to mind is Twitter, which even changed the logo of Twitter, which bought it for $44 billion, with Dogecoin. Elon Musk It is normal to gain weight. Aside from Elon, on this list both from the world and from our country What other names are there?

Let’s take a look at the celebrities who have invested in cryptocurrencies:

One of the celebrities most involved with cryptocurrencies: Snoop Dogg

Snopp Dogg has invested in cryptocurrencies

Hip-hop artist and businessman Snoop Dogg, whom we all know well, has entered the cryptocurrency industry. most believe He is one of the famous names.

When announcing their own NFT projects on their social media accounts, Dogg said that because of blockchain technology and its global impact. to bitcoin He says he has a lot of confidence.

Kanye West, one of the most talked about names of recent times, is among the cryptocurrency investors.

Kanye West has invested in cryptocurrencies

So is the famous singer Kanye West, whose words and deeds have been much talked about lately proponent of cryptocurrencies are among the well-known names.

During an interview with famed podcaster Joe Rogan in 2020, West said that Bitcoin enthusiasts “America’s true salvation“is had said He added that BTC is creating a new path that could establish “humanity’s next frontier”.

Bitcoin supporter since 2015: Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has invested in cryptocurrencies

Maybe to cryptocurrency investments on our list. earliest starter The famous name is the world famous legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

Tyson saw the potential in Bitcoin before most celebrities and expressed his “gratefulness” to be a part of this new technological revolution, adding that he supports the cryptocurrency, according to the sources. in 2015 started.

If we say that Paris Hilton is a big believer in cryptocurrency, we wouldn’t be wrong.

Paris Hilton has invested in cryptocurrencies

Famous American media personality Paris Hilton, believes in the future of cryptocurrencies and another well-known name who invested much earlier. Hilton has repeatedly expressed its enthusiasm for digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, by holding events even in the metaverse.

Paris Hilton, who has not disclosed her net investment in cryptocurrencies, To both Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2016 He said he started investing. According to the data, at that time, one BTC was worth about $1,000 and one ETH was worth about $10.

Good and bad with Bitcoin: Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban has invested in cryptocurrencies

of NBA teams As owner of Dallas Mavericks The billionaire Mark Cuban we know is another well-known name who invests in cryptocurrencies.

Cuban, who has a toxic relationship with Bitcoin, tells people that their wallets put at least 10% of it in Bitcoin advised, then admitted that he would rather have a banana than BTC. However, it should be noted that Cuban has been a crypto investor for a long time and believes in the future of cryptocurrencies.

Akon thinks cryptocurrencies are important in Africa’s future.

Akon has invested in cryptocurrencies

Famous singer Akon is one of the celebrities who invest in cryptocurrencies and believe that they will take an important place in the future. Also Akon Cryptocurrency called Akoin Let’s say he is also one of the founders.

Another name proponent of cryptocurrencies: Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and owner of the first tweet.

Jack Dorsey is a cryptocurrency investor

In fact, the phrase #Bitcoin in the bio of the former CEO of Twitter is located. When the cryptocurrency market crashed in 2018 and reached its lowest point in years, Dorsey said his Bitcoin was still future world currency Let me tell you that you think it will be called.

In March 2019, Dorsey started buying Bitcoin every week. several thousand dollars He said he spent it.

Let’s continue the list from Turkey:

Engin Altan Düzyatan announced his interest in cryptocurrencies.

Engin Altan Düzyatan announced that cryptocurrencies caught his attention.

While it is not exactly known whether he is a crypto money investor or not, Düzyatan, who posted from his social media account last year, tweet with the NFT and cryptocurrency world more and more are more interested had announced.

Apart from this, the famous actor is also a member of Wideangel, an NFT project today. founding partners appears between.

Gülben Ergen’s portfolio of cryptocurrencies does not seem to be very positive.

Gülben Ergen announced that he had made a loss with Bitcoin

stock market of social media account in your messages Ergen may not have achieved the desired result when investing in cryptocurrency. Famous singer in 2021 Bitcoin investor He also stated that he was in danger.

A true professional cryptocurrency investor: Emre Aydın

Emre Aydın's relationship with cryptocurrencies is quite good.

Cryptocurrency investments of the famous singer Emre Aydın, which we encountered in advertisements for cryptocurrency, most aware We can say that he is one of the famous people who do it.

Emre Aydın, who is a fan of Bitcoin, is different from other famous names with his social media accounts. an expert investor like it with their technical analysis comments and predictions.

He plays for big teams like Anadolu Efes, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe in our country. national basketball player Sinan Guler He is also very positive about cryptocurrencies.

Sinan Güler has invested in cryptocurrencies

Güler, who is also an angel investor, said in an interview he gave in recent years. Investing in Bitcoin however, he stated that he thinks there are opportunities more based on blockchain technology.

Can Bonomo stated that he started cryptocurrency transactions early.

Can Bonomo has invested in cryptocurrencies

Bonomo stated in a previous interview that he started trading cryptocurrencies at a young age, and 10% of the portfolio He stated that it consists of cryptocurrencies.

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