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Binance Intercepts Wallets of North Korean Hackers: Seized $4.4 Million in Cryptocurrency!


At a time when crypto asset regulation is being discussed, the world’s largest crypto exchange BinanceA remarkable move came out. Binance, which was included in an investigation by the US Treasury Department, was found to be owned by North Korean-based hackers. valued at $4.4 million caused the freezing of crypto assets.

In statements from the US Treasury Department; North KoreaIt was stated that a unit named “Technical Reconnaissance Bureau” had been opened within Pyongyang Automation University, which serves in Turkey, and that cyber-attacks carried out to fill North Korea’s treasury were monitored by this unit. According to the American claim Lazarus Group All the hackers, especially those working for North Korea, got their money from attacks and espionage through accounts that Binance helped freeze.

It has been followed for a year!

Binance’s statements show that it is cooperating with the US Treasury it’s not a matter of time it reveals. So much so that Binance indicated that it has been cooperating with the US authorities for a year and providing all support requested from them. Binance for its support that you are proud added to the description.

What happened is not surprising for Binance!

About a month ago, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) told Binance’s CEO, aka CZ. sued. CZ, who issued a statement on the subject, said that Binance with law enforcement He stated that they always work together and that until that day they have secured the confiscation of $125 million in crypto assets. Changpeng Zhao even said that they helped operations related to Lazarus Group in the past and crypto wallets worth $5.8 million were frozen. All this is for both Binance and the cryptocurrency community. will increase confidence can be interpreted as steps.

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