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Investors Lost Hundreds of Billions of Dollars… Interpol Issues Red Notice for Founder Terra (LUNA)!

In recent months, which caused a major collapse of the cryptocurrency markets, Terra (Luna) An important development has occurred with regard to the incident. According to information from South Korean prosecutors, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) about Do Kwon, the founder of Terra (LUNA) red message took it out.

South Korean officials on Do Kwon . a while ago issued an arrest warrant but this decision did not yield any result. The name, which turned the cryptocurrency markets into a bloodbath, as it were, was impossible to capture. It was even said that Kwon was in Singapore, but the Singaporean authorities explained that this was not true because they could not find Do Kwon. With the red message from Interpol, the circle narrows and Do Kwon gets caught sooner or later. It should be noted that there is no statement from the Do Kwon Front.

What happened?

Do Kwon Interpol

Cryptocurrency markets, which have been in a general downward trend since early 2022 a few months ago a severe collapse lived. The reason for this collapse was the Terra (LUNA) team’s stable cryptocurrency UST. The cryptocurrency, which is algorithmically indexed at $1, has sold billions of dollars to LUNA to stay at $1. This sale includes the LUNA, which cost over $100 a few months ago. up to $0.0001 dropped it. All of this has directly or indirectly impacted all cryptocurrency investors around the world. South Korean authorities acted on what happened and Do Kwon’s be held liable in court tried to provide. However, Do Kwon has so far not caught. Now Interpol intervened and issued a red message…

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For those wondering about Do Kwon’s joking statement that has brought billions of dollars to the nation:

What happened to the owners of LUNA and UST?

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