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The bankruptcy of FTX now burns Genesis Block: the trading activities of the platform are suspended

The eventful bankruptcy of FTX is a shock to the world of cryptocurrencies. Domino Effect and dragged a number of cryptocurrency exchanges to the brink of bankruptcy. Additionally, Binance CEO CZ said:Investors are guilty too!he said, sparking major controversy.

Today, Genesis Block, one of the world’s respected cryptocurrency platforms, announced that it is one of the first to be hit by this domino effect.

All activities of the platform have been suspended

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency platform Genesis Block sent an email to its users today, Dec. 10. stops all trading explained. The company’s CEO, Wincent Hung, stated in an interview with Reuters that this decision remained in a risky situation after the bankruptcy of FTX and so they decided to shut down operations.

We have chosen to close all our positions to regain some of our liquidity.said the CEO, that the websites have posted the necessary warnings and that all users with crypto assets are on the platform stated that they warned them to withdraw all their assets.. In addition, as of today, no new members will be registered on the platform and users who withdraw their assets can delete their account if they wish. permanently It was also mentioned that they could remove it.

Genesis Block, which offers the most reliable Bitcoin ATMs in 29 regions in Hong Kong, Announces that $175 million is also locked in FTX.

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