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Binance Turkey’s Bitcoin 14th Anniversary Special Event: 25 BUSD will be gifted to 20 people!

After going public on January 3, 2009, Bitcoin, the forerunner of the cryptocurrency industry and the most valuable unit of today, is today. 14th birthday to celebrate. As the new era of Bitcoin is celebrated around the world, the Turkish arm of the world’s giant cryptocurrency exchange Binance will also host a special event.

Binance Turkey, the 14th anniversary of Bitcoin Genesis Day, will be attended by special experts. webinar will take care of. In the webinar, after the first BTC block was released on January 3, 2009 the world of the future with the changes and new developments will be explained.

Who will attend the Bitcoin Turkey webinar?

binance turkey webinar

  • Blockchain Metaverse Academy founder Devrim Daniel
  • Blockchain data analytics platform
  • Burak Tamaç, Turkey Community Manager and researcher at CryptoQuant
  • Expert coin founder and journalist Burak Köse
  • Crypto Dictionary founder Eren Caner

Webinar participants can win prizes:

In the webinar; Participants will be asked some questions about the topics of the event. Participants who answer the questions correctly have a chance to win various prizes. at the event worth a total of 500 BUSD The prize is handed out.

Where can I watch the Binance Turkey webinar?

The Binance Turkey webinar will be broadcast on the Binance Turkey YouTube channel and Binance Live. webinar, tonight at 7 p.m will start.

Source: Web Tekno


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