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Starbucks defoamed NFT: 2,000 NFTs at $100 each sold out in 20 minutes

One of the biggest blockchain trends of recent years NFTgoods. NFTs, which attracted a lot of attention at the time, were almost forgotten after their popularity in the short term. But we still see several NFT projects. Finally Starbucksa few months ago announced 2,000 NFTs were launched under the project.

According to data from Coindesk, Starbucks’ NFTs attracted a lot of attention. For 100 dollars each 2,000 NFTs sold out in just 20 minutes. Starbucks customers receive the NFTs they purchase from the “OdysseyThey will be able to use it under the incentive program called “.

The NFT that ran out in 20 minutes looked like this:

Starbucks NFT

Starbucks’ Odyssey program is for Starbucks fans. grants some privileges. Users who complete the tasks assigned to them also get the opportunity to get free coffee by earning points from these tasks. Here are the purchased NFTs that users can use under this program. to raise their level It will help.

In the meantime; Let’s note that purchased NFTs can be purchased from their owners. In our checks,”The Siren Collection StampFor NFTs falling under ” $379 We see demand. If these sales are realized, a user who buys NFT for $100 will receive their money within a few hours. will be at least tripled. If you want to take a look at the page where Starbucks NFTs are sold, here You can use the link.

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