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All spot transactions suspended on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange BinanceIt seems there is a serious problem going on. Because in the statements about that it was stated that there was a problem with spot transactions. To take action to solve the problem, the stock market also included all cash transactions. in suspended state.

Looking at the announcement on Binance’s Twitter account, we can see that the problem is in the stock market only on spot trading we see that. The company has suspended its activities until it comes up with a solution. Although it is not yet clear, Binance is the biggest problem. a couple of hours it looks like it will continue.

Binance boss CZ has issued a statement

Binance has stopped spot trading

Founder and CEO of Binance after Binance’s official announcement on Twitter CZ on the subject of He made an explanation. They said they identified the problem and encountered a strange error, and CZ said the problem 30 to 120 minutes announced that they expect it to be resolved between them. In an effort to appease investors, CZ announced its $1 billion Security Asset Fund (SAFU) for investors that you are ready mention.

Binance’s statement on Twitter was as follows:

“There is an issue with Binance affecting spot trading. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible. All spot trading is currently temporarily suspended.”

Instant Drop in Bitcoin!

Bitcoin price chart

Parallel to Binance’s statements, a sudden surge in Bitcoin prices there was a wave. Bitcoin (BTC), which was trading at $28k 100 before the news, dropped to 27k 730 levels within minutes with the spread of Binance news. After CZ’s ruling, we see that BTC prices are on the rise again. As of the time of this article, Bitcoin has been rebuilt 28 thousand 100 dollars levels have been reached.

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