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Another of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges of an era has gone bankrupt


There has been a remarkable development in the cryptocurrency community. One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world Bittrexfiled for bankruptcy. The stock market, which has been in trouble for some time, is trying to overcome the difficulties. failed resembling.

Bittrex has been dealing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for some time now. opened by the SEC according to the research Between 2017 and 2022, the stock market broke the relevant rules and made $1.3 billion in unfair profits. In the shadow of all these discussions, Bittrex decided to cease operations in the US at the end of April. The point we’ve reached today is for Bittrex, which has been on the loose for quite some time. your way come to the end it reveals.

What will happen to the investor?

The SEC is pretty angry with Bittrex. According to the statement from the institution, Bittrex, brokerage doing and it worked like a barter. This meant that the exchange had to register with the SEC, but no such move came from the exchange. This claim caused the stock market to enter a shaky period. And at the point where we have arrived, the stock market led to bankruptcy

Bittrex,”chapter 11“. will continue to serve worldwide although it won’t be as interesting as it used to be. It is worth remembering that in the period 2017-2018, the exchange was one of the platforms with the highest volume.

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