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Elon Musk adds 12,000 times value to the token with a single tweet


billionaire entrepreneur Elon MuskIn recent years, it has been on the agenda, mainly because of the cryptocurrency markets. This is because Musk shared on Twitter asking the price of each crypto asset. it flew. Statements that shocked the markets turned the lucky investors into millionaires, while the unlucky lost money.

Elon Musk is back on track as of now. Musk, who shared a message last night, nameless led to a record valuation of a crypto asset. This increase was not edible because the increase in value, 12 thousand percent were on their level.

Here is the sharing that sparked the unprecedented surge in the crypto money markets:

You may not have understood Elon Musk’s post above at first glance. Let’s explain; on the image”This is not an internet meme. I love you.” statements. The human figure that looks like a cartoon character in the visual is “Milady MakerInspired by an NFT collection called “. Even the “Milady Meme Coin” ((LADIESThere is also a token called ). Here is Elon Musk’s statement, thanks to which this unpopular token appreciated more than 12 thousand percent.

Here is LADYS’s coinmarketcap data:

Looking at the Coinmarketcap data; LADYS token 24 hours ago 0.000000001199 We see it trading at the dollar level. So this meme token actually had no value. As of the writing of this article, LADYS 0.0000001714 traded at the dollar level. This price change means that the token has gained more than 12 thousand percent. Moreover, some seem to believe that this token will continue to gain value. Because the price chart upward trend continues.

Of course, this isn’t just your meme token, it’s called Milady Maker. NFT collection too gave its appreciation. Collectibles, which found buyers around 3.75 ETH a few days ago, rose to 5.25 ETH with Elon Musk’s move.

Let’s come to a more important development than all these: maybe someone knows Elon Musk’s sayings in advance!

A platform called Lookonchain, which tracks the movements in the cryptocurrency markets, has discovered a remarkable development during the rise of the LADYS token. According to the review “DWF LabsJust a day before Elon Musk’s share bought a crypto asset company called “, 15 trillion units of the unknown LADYS, paid about 25 thousand dollars for it. The direct value of 15 trillion LADYS 2 million 571 thousand dollars. Calculate how big the manipulation is…

Lookonchain’s Twitter post:

This content cannot be considered investment advice. Manipulated crypto assets can lead to bankruptcy while you dream of profits!

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