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Instagram will also have its own chatbot

The fever for artificial intelligence and chatbots is in...

YouTube disables stories that never make it

YouTube is similar to what we saw on other platforms in 2017.Stories” feature, which was originally called “reels”; however, the feature, later known as “stories”, debuted a year later for those with a wide range of subscribers, and has been in use ever since.

However, a statement from the company today revealed that the “stories” feature on YouTube is being turned off. According to this After June 26, it will no longer be possible to share stories on the platform.

YouTube made this decision to focus on features like Shorts

YouTube Stories feature only from 10 thousand more was available to content creators with subscribers. Shares created this way disappeared after a certain amount of time, like on Instagram. But here time is not 24 hours, it was 7 days. YouTubers were also meant to use the feature for many different purposes, such as advertising their channels, sharing news, or getting a behind-the-scenes look at their content.

However, the function Didn’t quite deliver what was expected. Looking at it today, we can see that very few content producers prefer to post stories on YouTube. Even YouTube itself chose not to talk much about the feature.

YouTube made this decision because of its TikTok-like feature. shorts and that allows content producers to quickly share posts with their followers.community messages”expresses what he needed to concentrate. The platform said the community post and Shorts content received more comments and likes than stories. failed He also admits.

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Instagram will also have its own chatbot

The fever for artificial intelligence and chatbots is in full swing and Instagram is the latest online service to join it at the moment....


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