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Elon Musk’s company Neuralink gets permission to test on humans

As he reported 24 ChannelsNeuralink’s approval for a human trial came as a surprise to many, given Musk’s previous statement in November that said Neuralink was about six months away from its first human trial. However, Musk’s ambitious promise seems to bear fruit this time and marks an important milestone for the company.

Of particular interest is Elon Musk himself, the controversial entrepreneur behind Neuralink. will take a direct part in the procedure of implanting the device into the human brain.. We would like to remind you that the process takes place completely automatically with the help of a fully autonomous robot.

At the moment, it is not known exactly when the tests will take place and who will be the first customer of the company. participant recruitment is not yet open. Neuralink says it will provide more information on the matter “in the near future”.

Previously Musk, Neuralink’s Will give priority to people suffering from various diseases. Therefore, the billionaire claimed that the device can restore mobility, especially to people with paralysis, and also help to overcome some diseases of the nervous system.

Neuralink is far from being the first

While Musk’s Neuralink isn’t the first company to discover neural interfaces in humans, it has certainly gotten a lot of attention and a lot of speculation. Synchron, another company developing similar interfaces, received FDA approval to begin trials in the US in 2021, and announced the country’s first brain-computer implant last July. In January this year, Synchron also published the results of a preliminary study involving four patients in Australia.

Neuralink’s Review

Earlier, Neuralink faced criticism and accusations. cruelty to animals, although the company itself categorically denies all accusations. In addition, an investigation is underway into possible transport of infected devices derived from these animals.

It’s worth noting that the FDA had previously rejected Neuralink’s application for human trials in early 2022, citing multiple issues that needed to be addressed.

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