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Xiaomi is rumored to be working on a brand new foldable phone

Xiaomi, one of the first companies that comes to mind when it comes to smartphones, comes out with many different phones every year. The information that has now emerged shows that the Chinese tech giant may be working on a brand new model that can be assertive in the sector.

The information shared on Weibo by Digital Chat Station, known for its leaks, revealed that Xiaomi is planning to release a new device. The leak is that the phone has been linked to previously released Xiaomi products. it is irrelevant revealed.

The device, about which there is no information yet, may be a foldable phone called “Xiaomi Mix Flip”

According to the information shared, the model number of the phone is “N7”. While this number doesn’t make much sense, claims that the device could be the “Xiaomi Mix Flip” that has been rumored for years. As the name suggests, the device could be a foldable phone. about the To Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola Razr We can compare.

We know that Xiaomi already has an ambitious foldable phone, the Mix Fold. However, if the rumor about the N7 turns out to be true, so will the new device vertically foldable It will take place in the “flip” segment.

Of course, all these that there is progressLet’s emphasize again that there is no official information on whether it is real or not. We have to wait for information about Xiaomi’s phone with the model number “N7”, which we know nothing about.

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