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Nothing Phone 2’s design has been filtered: According to OnLeaks 4 review this will be the cell phone of the hype


The stimulus is not the traitor. No one expected the arrival of the second generation model for next summer. Instead of an upper-mid-range phone where design is a distinguishing factor, the next generation (Nothing Phone 2) will be a high-end phone powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.

OnLeaksleaked the supposed design of this terminal via Smartprix. Far from being a major refresh compared to what we saw in the last generation, the leak points to a fairly similar design line, although certain key points have undergone limited evolution.

This Nothing Phone According to OnLeaks (2)

Looking at the back of the Nothing Phone (2), there seems to be little change compared to last year’s model, according to the leaked information. The source states that these builds are built around the current test unit they claim to have access to. This means it can be minor changes from here until the official launch.

Firstly, slightly changes the design of some items The LED of the device and also the red LED itself that lights up when recording video with Nothing Phone 1.

Again, The biggest change in this model is in the bezels.iPhone 12, which is no longer flat in iPhone style, to return to the rounded lines that phones have been living for years until the iPhone 12 comes. Thus, according to this information, it becomes a more ergonomic and comfortable phone in the hand, the aluminum frame and the classic transparent glass back revealing the LED system.

Likewise, the structure is similar, but the design is divided into even more LEDs. This will allow further configuration for Nothing’s own notification system, where the back of the device is illuminated depending on how we configure it.

At the specs level, this first major leak doesn’t shed much light. We’ve received confirmation from Nothing about the improvement in the processor, and a minor improvement in the display and an increase in size is expected.

There is no set date yet for the launch of this phone. However, with the company’s official confirmation that it will be out in the summer and the launch of the Phone 1 in early July, everything shows that we are only a month away from the launch of this terminal.

Image | Smart Reward

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