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Apple Design Awards winners announced: Here are the apps that won Apple’s personal awards

The developer conference of US-based technology giant Apple WWDC 2023He made very important announcements on the first day of . The first step of a brand new era, the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses were introduced, the Mac Pros were refreshed with the M2 Ultra processor, of course new versions of iOS 17 and other operating systems were announced.

But WWDC is not limited to these. As part of the event, which will run through June 9, Apple’s traditional Apple Design Award winners were announced. Determine and evaluate some criteria among iPhone or iPad applications published in the App Store, Apple this year 12 mobile apps awarded the prize. Let’s look at these applications together.

Winners of the Apple Design Awards

Winners in the Inclusion category

This category represents applications that provide an understandable experience for all users.



Universe was Apple’s first app to win in the inclusiveness category. Universe allows users to build websites in a very simple way.

to the Universe from here you can reach.



Stitch., which is basically a puzzle game, stands out for its relaxing gameplay and overall feel.

attach. from here you can reach.

Entertainment category winners

According to Apple, the winners of this category are catchy, enhanced with Apple technologies. interesting and offers satisfying experiences.



Interactive language learning app Duolingo won a design award from Apple this year.

to Duolingo from here you can reach.



Afterplace, the adventure game built with pixel art, has won awards for its mysteries, hidden rewards, and accessibility for everyone.

to backyard from here accessible.

Interaction category winners

This category offers the best interface and ease of use for the platforms they were developed for.



Flighty allows users to track flights and create an itinerary.

To the flight from here accessible.



Developed especially for kids, Railbound puzzle game throws players into simple fun with touch and drag mechanisms.

to rail from here accessible.

Social impact category winners

The social impact category, as the name suggests, sheds light on some important issues.

free space

free space

Headspace, which has been on the App Store for a long time, hosts sessions to let users relax.

to Main Room from here accessible.



Endling is a game in which we as a fox fight against environmental disasters and human damage to the environment.

to Ending from here accessible.

Winners of the Best Visual and Graphic Design category

This category includes apps that offer the best visuals and graphics.

Any distance

Any distance

Any Distance allows users to track their fitness and presents the collected data to users with dynamic tables and graphs.

to any distance from here accessible.

Resident Evil village

village again

Village, the latest game in the Resident Evil series, takes us on an adventure filled with fear and suspense.

to Resident Evil Village from here accessible.

Winners in the innovation category

Under the innovation category, Apple evaluated the applications that can show themselves in the field.



This application supported by artificial intelligence and neural engine acts as a tennis coach. By pointing the phone camera at the tennis court, detailed information can be obtained, even about your posture.

to Swing Vision from here accessible.



MARVEL SNAP is distinguished by its ‘snap’ mechanism and attracts attention with its art.

to MARVEL SNAP from here accessible.

What happened last night? Here is our content that we have gathered the most important developments in WWDC 2023, which will go down in history:

Perhaps Apple’s biggest innovation since the initial iPhone launch: Vision Pro is introduced:

All Apple products re-walked after just 2 weeks:

iOS 17 is officially introduced:

Along with iOS 17 came new iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS versions:

The new 15-inch MacBook Air and the new Mac Pro have also appeared. The new Mac Pro arrives with the M2 Ultra, Apple’s most powerful processor yet:

Apple has revealed what is arguably Macs biggest shortcoming, its project to bring games to the Mac:

Meanwhile, the most expensive Apple product ever sold, the 2019 Mac Pro, has been discontinued in Turkey:

Source: Web Tekno



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