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Journalists tested the Apple Vision Pro in action: what the company’s first headset turned out to be

Apple can celebrate the success because now all the reviews that can be found on the Internet are rated the Vision Pro positively. Reviewers say the company’s headset is way ahead of its Meta counterpart and marks a new entry to the market.

Pros of Apple Vision Pro

CNet journalists also spoke positively about the innovation, they I liked the comfort of landing, the intuitive interface, and the picture and sound quality.

  • As reviewers noted, the Apple Vision Pro reliably and comfortably fixes on the head, does not press and does not fall off.
  • Visually impaired people can wear this helmet over goggles, this requires special Zeiss optics, so there is no discomfort even in this usage scenario. The price of such lenses is currently unknown, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman speculationit can be anywhere from $300 to $600 for a pair of additional lenses.
  • The virtual image is called highly detailed – it allows you to see what is happening in the room around you, mixing with objects in the real world.

Vision Pro overlays virtual elements over images of the real world / Photo by Apple

  • After the helmet was put on the head, the sound had to be calibrated separately. After tuning, additional clarity and breadth of the sound appear.
  • Various sensors are built into the helmet, including those that monitor the direction of the pupils. In this way, the main image is fixed depending on where the user is looking and is always directly in front of it. This also requires a short calibration: the user has to keep focusing on the bright spots all the time.
  • When the eye focuses on a particular menu item (such as an app icon), it lights up or grows to indicate that it can be interacted with. Selecting an item is done by pressing the touchpad or gesturing, and the headset follows the hands, even when in the lap.
  • There were no problems launching the built-in applications, you can use them quite comfortably.
  • With the help of a wheel on the case, you can quickly switch between virtual and augmented reality (augmented reality overlays virtual elements over the real world, while virtual completely replaces it with itself). Inside the helmet is a gallery with three-dimensional images, which, according to the impressions of journalists, look very realistic and impressive. So you can work with programs or watch TV with your own room in the background or open a forest panorama or other image instead.
  • There are also several demo videos shot with a 3D camera in Immersive Video format specifically for this headset. Such videos will appear on the Apple TV+ service and will be available to Apple Vision Pro owners.

Apple engineers have also created several apps for Apple Vision Pro. One of them allows you to create an exact replica of the interior of the house, while in the other you can observe the appearance of dinosaurs in the modern world environment.

Cons of Apple Vision Pro

Journalists were only disappointed by the battery life. Two hours with external battery – this is obviously not enough for a device that allows you to mix the virtual world and real space in such an exciting way.

The Vision Pro is connected to some kind of power bank via a wire that you should carry with you in your hand or pocket. And although it is quite compact, it is still not very convenient. Probably, the device can be connected to a permanent network and work constantly.

How Apple Vision Pro works: video

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