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Latest Huawei Mate X3 update brings stability improvements and new display options

The Huawei Mate X3 is the sixth foldable smartphone the company has unveiled and has received numerous accolades around the world since its launch. Not only does it have a great form factor, it also packs some of the best cameras in the smartphone market. According to the latest news, the Mate X3 is about to get a lot better, while a new update is coming to the device.

Huawei customer support ensures that screen off features don’t cause burning issues

Terminal BG CTO Bruce Lee announced on Weibo that a new system update, version (C00E160R4P4log), will be available soon. The update includes several improvements to the functionality of the device, especially focusing on improved stability and screen display options. This article covers specific updates, fixes screen burn-in issues, and highlights new display features introduced by the latest firmware release.

The system update aims to fix certain stability issues reported by users. Huawei claims that its engineers are diligently working to resolve these issues to provide a smoother user experience. With the update, Mate X3 users can expect a more stable operating environment for their devices.

One of the notable additions in this update is the expansion of screen off display options. Previously, users had a limited choice of off-screen display settings. However, the new update introduces two additional options: all-day display and time display. These options are accessible from the Display Mode settings menu and allow users to customize the look of their device to their liking.

Huawei has taken steps to ensure that screen-off features do not cause burn-in issues. The company’s customer support team explained that the screen off time and the background image have been optimized to prevent screen burn-in. To prevent static images from remaining on the screen, the background image will periodically move up and down every minute. Also, when the background image is closer to the fingerprint icon, it will be displayed alternately to avoid overlap.

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