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Xiaomi exploits Huawei’s weakness and partners with Leica to improve its smartphones’ cameras

Huawei was the second largest mobile device seller worldwide, but after the US trade blockade, the story changed. Now, Xiaomi wanted to take advantage of this weak moment of its rival. Partnering with Leicaa respected manufacturer in the photography world that has helped develop the cameras of the Huawei Mate and P series for several years.

We are talking about a long-term agreement between Xiaomi and Leica. According to the official statement, the union between the two companies, improve optical performance and photographic experience It is one of the Beijing firm’s next flagship smartphones. They say the first jointly developed product will officially arrive in July this year.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra powered by Leica?

It was not disclosed which “first flagship smartphone” would benefit from the deal. However, it is likely to be the successor of the Xiaomi 11 Ultra. While it hasn’t been announced yet, rumors say that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will make a huge leap forward at the photographic level with its quad camera setup. 50 MP main sensor and periscopic zoom.

Xiaomi Leica 1

There are no details on how this cooperation will take place. Are we going to see software tweaks, lenses developed specifically for the mobile device, or just some image filters? To find out, we will have to wait about two months when the first fruit of this collaboration will be officially announced.

For now, everything shows that Xiaomi, the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, You want to stand out from your other competitors. Manufacturers on the sales podium are also struggling to be the best in photography. Apple with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It should be noted that the agreement between Huawei and Leica began in 2015 to improve the catches of the Huawei P9. From then until March of this year, they launched several smartphones together, the latest product being the Huawei P50 Pro.

The German manufacturer has also collaborated with other companies, including Sharp. The Japanese firm is presenting in its local market the Aquos R7, a smartphone with a Leica signature camera that curiously opts for a single 47-megapixel 1-inch sensor.

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