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“Favorite contacts” come to WhatsApp: messages and calls can be accessed with one touch

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application a new function I’m working on it. This new feature allows users to manuallyfavoriteCommunication with users added to the favorites list will be easier than ever.

WhatsApp’s new feature, code, was first released a few days ago. iOS is in beta popped up. Today the feature was detected in the application codes of WhatsApp Web. Innovation that will make things easier for users, especially in WhatsApp with too many people It will be useful for those who are in touch.

This is what WhatsApp’s new feature looks like:

WhatsApp favorite contacts

Suppose you have a message for yourself on WhatsApp. list of favorite contacts you made. Accessing the chat pages with the people on this list is possible with a single tap. When the user selects favorites in the filter section, he will only see the chat pages of the people in the list. This way on the page where the chats are listed complexitydisappears with a touch.

Only chats in the favorites list are shown, making it easier to find the chat you’re looking for.

WhatsApp favorite contacts

WhatsApp’s favorite contacts feature won’t just consist of text messages. Users, on the search page They will also have easy access to their favorites.

WhatsApp has no information about the new feature it is working on. made no statement. The feature, which was detected in both iOS and web versions, will likely be released for all platforms in the near future.

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