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Mysterious flirting initiative from Starbucks: ‘Hello!’ say to thousands of people out of the blue He sent a notification!


on our smartphones every day. It’s raining reports And a significant portion of these notifications are deleted without ever being read. Most of these notifications are used for announcements such as campaigns and events. In the US, some Starbucks app users received a very different notification: “What!” (Hello!)

Users who click on this notification will be taken directly Home page of the Starbucks application When they were redirected, they saw that there was no campaign or special offer. This caused confusion about what the company, which had previously sent false alerts, was trying to do.

It is unknown why Starbucks sent the notice

This notification is Starbucks for various reasons He may have sent it. The first of these is that Starbucks made a simple mistake, like deliberately misspelling names. want to talk about themselves. The second possibility is that the company made a mistake somewhere. for the wrong audience send test message. The third and scarier possibility is someone else It stands out for sending notifications through the Starbucks application.

Still on this issue Starbucks There is no explanation from the front. On the other hand, this situation shows how the notification rights given to applications can be abused from time to time or how prone they are to errors. Of course, there is a good chance that Starbucks only used this situation for advertising purposes.

What do you think of this?

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