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Google Completely Removes Life-Saving Android Auto While Driving: Now What?

google Android Auto application provides users with various conveniences such as access to Google Maps and connect the phone to vehicle multimedia while driving. Last year, Google Android 12 that does not allow Android Auto to be used had announced† business application Android 11 and earlier versions. However, according to the statement issued today, the tech giant all android versions to remove it completely.

When users using Android 11 or older versions open the app, “Android Auto for Phone Screens no longer available soon‘ began to encounter the warning. Android Auto is still available, but this warning pops up every time I log into the app. Google has confirmed that the app has been removed, but has not shared any information about when it will stop working completely.

Google Assistant is used instead of Android Auto

Google Android Assistant

He wondered which application would replace the drivers after the end of using Android Auto. Google said in a statement that this application is not used in cars that support Android Auto, and that it has been a major problem recently. UI update said they did. For those who use this application by phone, the company Google Assistant driving modeHe stated that they have the . No other statement was made on the subject.

Google Assistant driving mode, available with Android 12, Google Maps and Google Assistant It offers an integrated driving experience. Although it is different in appearance and use, the Google Assistant Driving Mode has similar functions to Android Auto.

Google Assistant driving mode

Even though they have similar functions, the mod is not as useful as Android Auto and it is necessary to constantly need Google Maps to activate it. destination You must come in. Whether the Google Assistant Driving Mode will search for Android Auto seems to be determined after the updates and full launch.

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