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Why do smartphones that don’t respond to the touch of different things behave strangely when water falls?

Smartphones with touchscreens are now part of our lives. If a small drop of water falls on these devices that we carry everywhere, You’re being stupid You may have noticed.

Actually this is because of the screen designed to detect touch are. But the issue is a little deeper than that. Let’s see why it detects a drop of water but not when we touch it with another object.

Modern touch screens work by measuring load and voltage changes.

wet phone

Capacity This process, called , actually measures changes on a network of very thin electrodes.

So when you touch a screen, the screen becomes absorbing tension and load detects the change at this point.

To put it even more simply, when you touch the screen, a conductive layer is created on the surface of the screen electrical change He feels it and therefore perceives that touch.

The main reason behind this situation is that your finger is conductive.

wet phone

Because our body contains a large amount of water conductive It has a structure. This is exactly why the electric screen detects our touch.

A similar situation occurs when a liquid substance such as water comes into contact with the screen. Because Liquid substances are also conductive It’s in structure.

In other words, since it is a conductive substance, a small drop of water falls on the screen changes its electric field and this change has a similar effect to the touch of your finger.

The screen shows this status perceives as touch and it responds as if you were touching the screen.

Source: Popular science

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