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Choosing a car: what features should be taken into account?

First you need to decide what you need it for. Ultimately, the best car is the one that meets individual needs.

Some seek practicality, for others it is important to emphasize their status. Sometimes they look for a reliable option for extreme trips and outdoor tourism. Someone else needs a car for daily errands, so practicality and comfort will be in the first place for them.

If you’re still unsure which type of car is best for your needs, you should ask yourself a few basic questions.

How many people do you plan to carry?

Most cars can fit four or five people, but in the latter case the rear middle seat becomes uncomfortable. Automakers go to great lengths to make all seats as comfortable as possible, but everyone has their own seating preferences. the seat should be checked during the test drive.

If your family consists of four people, a fifth seat will definitely come in handy if you need to take an additional passenger.

SUZUKI S-CROSS means comfort / Photo: SUZUKI

If you understand that you will need to transport more people, you should pay attention to a minivan or a three-row SUV. In most models, the third row of seats is only suitable for children. It is important to remember that when the seats are filled, they “eat” the cargo space.

What will be the trunk volume?

If active recreation in nature or transportation of equipment is important for a person, you need to worry about the capacity of the trunk. Pickup will be the best option if you are moving in the following situations:

  • heavy loads;
  • materials that may contaminate the interior;
  • other luggage is too tall to fit in a closed vehicle.

But for most people there is no such need, so an ordinary car with a closed trunk will do.

SUZUKI S-CROSS has a large trunk / Photo: SUZUKI

Automatic or manual transmission

Many modern cars are produced only with automatic transmission. However, although it is thought to be more difficult to use, many people still prefer the mechanics. Their main difference is that mechanical requires the driver to shift gears and automatic does so independently.

Manual shifting mode can be useful when driving in mountainous terrain, for example, as it provides greater control on long descents. And someone may say that this method is much more interesting and original. However, no matter how fun and practical shifting is, it can become routine in daily city traffic, and modern six-, seven- and eight-speed automatic transmissions can help make the car more fuel efficient.

So you should carefully consider what will be more suitable. Many brands offer the same model with different combinations of transmission, drive and other features.

Power or fuel economy

Usually compact models have a small engine power and a modest “appetite” in terms of fuel consumption. Large cars equipped with a powerful engine consume a lot of fuel and cost much more.

Small cars and SUVs are mostly equipped with three- or four-cylinder engines, sometimes turbocharged, sometimes with hybrid drive. Although they are not as powerful as their competitors, they provide good fuel economy. But for most people Four-cylinder engines provide the best combination of fuel economy and performanceIt is sufficient for daily use, nature trips or intercity trips.

For example, the S-CROSS model of the Japanese brand SUZUKI. The car has different configuration options:

  • You can choose the all-wheel drive version of the model even in the basic configuration (i.e. traction is applied to all 4 wheels, 4WD) with the patented ALLGRIP SELECT system, which has 4 operating modes and allows you to adapt to any situation. surface under the wheels and move both on the asphalt and next to it;
  • classic version with front-wheel drive (2WD);
  • Additionally, drivers can also choose manual transmission or automatic transmission;
  • Regardless of the type of drive and transmission, the vehicle is equipped with a 140 horsepower 4-cylinder gasoline turbocharged BOOSTERJET engine, which combines economy, reliability and power at the same time.

This makes the S-CROSS model an ideal choice for both city trips and long highway journeys.

S-CROSS has economical fuel consumption as in the crossover class / Photo: SUZUKI

Design and functionality

Design is not just about external beauty but also about functionality. Sometimes very nice cars cannot boast of ease of use.

For example, interior trim with leather or eco-leather looks luxurious, but it is unpleasant to sit on such seats in the heat or cold. Instead, in the SUZUKI S-CROSS, the seats can be made of pleasant-to-the-touch fabric or decorated with a combination of natural and eco-leather, providing the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

Roof console with built-in lighting and additional storage / Photo: SUZUKI

When you look at the living room you should: Discover additional solutions to make staying inside more comfortable: Possibility to change the position of the seats, easily accessible storage spaces (e.g. bottle holders in the doors), rear seat armrests, large luggage compartment, lighting, passenger footwell illumination, heated seats for the front seats and rear window or other options

Fun is worth worrying about

A long trip, especially with your family, can be tiring. The days of removable radios are long gone, so you should have one in the car A modern multimedia system that will make long journeys more fun. Music, videos, podcasts, training courses or other content, as well as calls via Bluetooth – all this will help reduce time spent on the road.

For example, on the SUZUKI S-CROSS in the GLX configuration, the owner receives a 9-inch touchscreen with connectivity from Pioneer. Android Auto with wire and Apple Car Game wirelessly. These are very useful programs that will be needed not only for entertainment purposes, but also to help the driver on the road.

The media system of the model in the GL configuration has a 7-inch WVGA screen. 4 regular and 2 additional high-frequency speakers (depending on configuration) provide excellent music sound.


Security is the most important thing

Whether you are traveling alone or with your children, safety plays an important role in choosing a car. Modern cars have a wide variety of monitoring systems and sensors that allow you to avoid emergencies, remind the driver of safety techniques, help keep track of the road, and more.

For example, park-tronics make it easier to maneuver and protect against collisions with obstacles when reversing.

4 cameras in top configurations Provide a 360-degree all-round viewThus, the driver does not need to look out or get out of the car when parking in a narrow garden.

The principle of operation of sensors on the SUZUKI S-CROSS / Photo SUZUKI


The best way to understand whether the vehicle is suitable for you is to take a test drive. It may seem that any car model has all the necessary functions, but you can feel this only when you are in the driver’s seat.

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