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Announced artificial intelligence features for iPhones: Introducing Apple Intelligence

It has been a long time coming for US-based tech giant Apple WWDC 2024 The events have officially started. The company announced its latest operating systems at this event. In this context; iOS 18 Software such as VisionOS 2 has now come to light.

The theme of WWDC 2024 artificial it was about intelligence. The company announced one by one the artificial intelligence features it will offer to users as part of the event. In this content, we will take a closer look at all the artificial intelligence features coming to iPhones. If you wish, without further ado, let’s go into details.

Apple will call artificial intelligence Apple Intelligence!

Artificial intelligence features are coming to iPhones

Apple came forward with an important claim a few weeks ago. The company reportedly coined the term Artificial Intelligence, which means artificial intelligence.Apple Intelligence“. The expected happened and Apple announced its artificial intelligence features through Apple Intelligence. announced with his name.

Here are the artificial intelligence features coming to iPhones:

iPhones can prioritize certain notifications

iPhone artificial intelligence

According to Apple’s statement, iPhones that support artificial intelligence now come with notifications. be able to set priorities. Notifications that are more important to the user are therefore given priority.

Writing Assistant is coming

Apple Writing Assistant

Users get a new writing assistant as part of Apple Intelligence features. This writing aid helps you both with writing a text and with writing a written text. to summarize the text It will work. Mail, Notes, Safari, Pages, Keynote and third parties Other applications can use the writing assistant. Writing assistant in the Mail app to create automatic replies can also be used.

Artificial intelligence allows you to create images

display of artificial intelligence on the iPhone

One of the features of Apple Intelligence that iPhone owners will enjoy the most is artificial intelligence. image generation It will have a function. Apple’s artificial intelligence creates images that match the text you enter. Moreover, these images can be shared with other people. can be shared.

A whole new experience is offered for voice commands

Artificial intelligence from Apple

Apple Intelligence is designed so that actions can be taken within applications. For example, you can now link some files to your iPhone. You can give commands. Let’s say a friend named Ali sent you some files a while ago. Your phone,”Open the files Ali recently sent” will be able to understand the command. This It is possible to multiply examples.

Artificial intelligence features will work in the phone

Artificial intelligence from Apple

Apple Intelligence will highlight the security that Apple always likes to brag about. Because most of the artificial intelligence-oriented features Will work on iPhone. For this purpose, large language models and diffusion models will be integrated into the devices. However, Apple Intelligence more than that will have it too.

When the power of an iPhone is insufficient for the desired AI functions servers are activated. However, the data sent to Apple’s servers is not stored on the servers. Also for training in the field of artificial intelligence will not be used.

Any emoji you want can be created in the Messages application.

Apple Intelligence messages

Apple Intelligence will also bring a brand new experience for emojis, which have become an integral part of our lives in the Messages application. Users are now your own unique emojis they will be able to create. The user sees emojis based on a text he/she enters. Apple calls it “genmoji“Users can create their favorite emojis by choosing one of the concepts presented to them.

Things get easier in the Notes app


The Notes app will also receive its share of Apple Intelligence. Suppose you are going to make a design. Apple’s AI, your drawing concept image will provide you with quality.

Artificial intelligence makes it easy for you to find the photo you are looking for

Apple photos

The Apple Photos application will also be equipped with artificial intelligence. In this context; Describe a photo you are looking for and you will be able to find it quickly. You can also perform artificial intelligence-assisted edits on an image. On the other hand; You choose a theme and the Apple Photos app uses the text ‘memories” will create the section.

You can summarize telephone conversations

Artificial intelligence from Apple

Apple’s artificial intelligence, during negotiations will also show up. After this, you can record a telephone conversation and, if desired, make a short summary of this recording. On the other hand; Now take notes with voice recordingyou can also convert them to text.

Siri will literally be reinvented

Siri Artificial Intelligence Features

Apple’s personal assistant Siri is literally powered by artificial intelligence will be rebuilt. Siri will have an intelligence he has never seen before. If you want detailed information about Siri’s brand new features, we invite you to our news below:

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