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Canada bans the sale of quantum computers and other modern technologies to Russia

The statement regarding the new anti-Russian sanctions package was published on the website of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau administration. The list of technologies prohibited for export also includes technologies that were previously subject to restrictions.

The list includes not only quantum computers, but also tools for testing telecommunications equipment, chips, navigation equipment, traditional computers and components, as well as electronics and other high-tech developments.

What exactly is banned from export to Russia?

In addition to the previously banned decisions, the new sanctions package adds the following to the list:

  • types of equipment and components designed for quantum computers, quantum electronics, quantum radar systems;
  • cryogenic facilities, cryogenic equipment and components capable of maintaining temperatures below 1.1 K for 48 hours or more;
  • equipment for creating ultra-high vacuum (Ultra-high vacuum, UHV);
  • production equipment;
  • microscopes, related equipment and detectors;
  • decapsulation equipment;
  • metal powders (pure or alloys);
  • photodetectors with high quantum efficiency – more than 80% in the wave range from 300 nm to 1700 nm;
  • software for the development, manufacture or use of systems, equipment and components;
  • software for creating digital copies of additive products or determining the reliability of additive products;
  • Technologies for the development, manufacture or use of systems, equipment, components or software for all of the above.

The new restrictions also affected some representatives of the Russian business community. 6 people and 46 companiessomehow associated with the military-industrial complex of Russia, including research institutes, aircraft factories, research and production complexes, design bureaus and military companies.

They didn’t forget Belarus

Restrictions also affected Belarus – Canada banned the export of advanced technologies and goods that could be used in the manufacture of weapons, as well as the export and import of luxury goods.

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