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Samsung foldables are getting cheaper: prices and the impact of inflation are driving their costs down

The end of summer, once marked by the Galaxy Note, already marked by Samsung Z series, the folding that has witnessed the range previously known for large screen sizes and the inclusion of the S Pen. Now that the new Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 have been introduced, we will now examine their prices.

Although in recent years mobile manufacturers have often increased their prices for super-high range, from the anecdotal to the usual launch of terminals above 1,000 euros; Samsung foldables continued a different trend, aided by the depreciation of their designs and components. To this we need to add the effect of an inflation triggered to have the exact opposite evolution to what has been seen recently on the phone.

More prominent in Flip than Fold

This trend can be seen in the Fold series, but even more so in the Flip: from the original foldables (especially if we adjust their price for inflation), which exceeded 2,000 euros and were close to 2,500, we now see how the Fold continues to decline. in price (10 euros cheaper from one year to the next, which is more than 200 euros less if we take into account the effect of inflation), while Flip reinforces an even more highlighted trendIt’s possible to get a newly launched folder for just over 1,000 euros.

Folding Prices 001

Although the Z Fold 2 saw a price increase over the original model, which was caused by a nominal increase with almost no inflation at the time, all subsequent models lowered their prices in real terms. That is, it takes into account the average increase in the cost of living. In the Fold series, it is 17% and 11% annually. 34% and 8% in the Flip series.

Folding Prices 002

Price drops, inflation aside, are due to this depreciation, in much the same way we see OLED televisions; or more broadly, in the game console industry.

This succession occurred in a context where a pandemic en route caused component shortages, chip shortages, increased raw material cost and higher shipping costs, and the price would skyrocket even before the invasion of Ukraine. fuel.

If the measures to contain inflation by raising interest rates in Europe and the US come into effect and price growth slows, we may see an even more significant decline in doubling prices for the next generation and perhaps seeing a fold below the psychological barrier of 1,000 euros as a starting price. Just another 100 Euro discount left.

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