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Western Digital introduces the WD Blue SN5000, an SSD with 4 TB

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The History of Type-C and Little-Known Benefits: It’s Not the Only Problem It Solves…

USB Type-C (USB-C), which many of us love because it connects seamlessly from both sides, has been mandated by the European Union for all electronic devices in recent months. The European Union, which has approved uniform imports in electronic devices such as smartphones, has approved Type-C, which provides fast charging as well as file and image transfer for this standard. Available on almost all Android devices in recent years Type-CWith this decision, it will also take place on iPhones. So, do we know the history of Type-C devices? Why did the European Union approve USB Type-C instead of another cable connection?

Today we will talk about where Type-Cs came from. A telephone, computer, wireless headset and many other technological devices. “quality” symbol This connection type is way ahead of its previous alternatives, both in design and features. Let’s take a closer look at the processes it went through during the development of Type-C, which enables fast charging, especially in smartphones, and who supported this technology.

Let’s take a look at the brief history of Type-C.


USB connector first It came on PC in 1996 with a USB Type-A connector. We still continue to use these connectors as USB ports on our computer. Of course, their strength increased over time. When we got to the year 2000, the Micro USB port came along with USB 2.0. Micro USB ports were standard until the era of Type-C in 2014. All USB Type A, B, Micro and Mini ports that emerged in this process had the same basic internal connections. At this point only the ports were changing. The revolution on this point is: Type-C in 2014 You remember in old smartphones. A front of the cable is required to charge the phone. This front end usually doesn’t hold up and used to bother us. Here, Type-C, which has removed this effort from our lives, has become the standard over time. Announced by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) in 2014 Type-C as 24-pin symmetrical USB connector system appeared before us. The “C” expression in Type-C, which triples the 8 connectors in USB 3.0, was given in reference to the connector’s physical shape.

What are the USB Type-C features and little known benefits?

Type-C 24-pin

USB Type-C is a port that provides charging while transferring data. USB Type-C; Up to 10 Gbit/s data transfer, same as USB 3.2 Gen 2. Designed to support. This is 20 times faster than the 480 Mbit/s data rate of USB 2.0 that can still be found in our computers. Although the theoretical speeds do not exactly correspond to reality, we tested in everyday life that USB Type-C can transfer both data and images quickly and securely.

Another reason why USB Type-C is so popular in smartphones and devices is its charging capacity. From the first time it came out Charging up to 100 W The Type-C port, which provides fast charging technology in phones, paved the way for such a development. Today, USB Type-C Gen 2.1 cables can charge up to 240W. With USB Type-C Gen 2.1, the data rates are also much higher. These next-generation cables support data transfer rates of 40 Gbps (4.8 GB/s). This speed means it can theoretically transfer 1.5 hours of 4K video in 2 seconds.

Another factor that helps us to better understand why the European Union has standardized this cable. backwards compatible be in structure. In other words, you can convert your old type cables to Type-C with different converters. Although this will reduce the power of the cable, we can say that it can save you in difficult situations. Now we give you a list of lesser known benefits of Type-C.

The unknown benefits of Type-C

  • Provides fast charging (with USB Type-C Gen 2.1 charging up to 240W.)
  • Fast file transfer (with USB Type-C Gen 2.1, it offers a data transfer rate of 40 Gb/s.)
  • No direction requirement as it can be connected from either side.
  • The 24-pin structure is much more robust than previous ports.
  • Compared to other ports, it is much newer and compatible with current technologies.
  • It offers much better sound quality than 3.5mm jack inputs, thanks to much stronger data transfer rates.

Who paved the way for USB Type-C technology?

Samsung Galaxy Note

First born in Intel’s lab and shaped by negotiations between companies such as AMD, HP and Microsoft, USB Type-C was an alternative that smartphones couldn’t find. android devices Some companies producing Type-C have started to release their devices, but the limited number of products released by these companies was not enough for a new technology to become a standard. The biggest step in this technology has been taken by Samsung. Own most of the market Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Switched to the Type-C port with it.

While doing this, the company did not forget about the old technology microUSB and sent them a converter. Samsung started paving the way for Type-C completely with the Galaxy A8 and A8+, which it released in 2018. Type-C, which is also powered by Samsung, Over time, it started to be used in almost all Android smartphones.

Apple is also returning to Type-C in Europe.


With the decision of the European Union, Apple will now use the Type-C port on their iPhone and iPad. Therefor Apple uses Lightning port on iPhones and iPadsIf it wants to sell in the European Union, it will have to convert them to Type-C.

Today we talked about the history and technology of USB Type-C. So how did you find our content? If you want more of this kind of content, let’s meet in the comments section.

Source: Web Tekno


Western Digital introduces the WD Blue SN5000, an SSD with 4 TB

Western Digital expands its range of storage solutions with...


The "sun and beach" label that...


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Western Digital introduces the WD Blue SN5000, an SSD with 4 TB

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