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The information of 2 billion TikTok users has been stolen! (explanation from TikTok)


The most popular social media platform today TikTok, came up with the claim of a major data breach. According to the claim that came up with the sharing on a hacker forum, the Alibaba Cloud server, where TikTok stores its data, has been hacked and the platform’s source codes have been shared. Information from 2 billion users revealed.

The story of the allegedly compromised data was first revealed on September 3. With data that would belong to TikTok and WeChat started. While the hackers said they were hesitating between offering the data for sale or making it public, they shared two sample tables that allegedly belonged to this database and were said to be part of the stolen data.

TikTok’s source codes are also said to have been stolen:

In the September 3 post, hackers claimed that all of TikTok’s backend source codes could also be found on the server they were accessing. In addition Where WeChat and TikTok data is on the same server specified. As the database is further revised, the size of the gap widens.

The hackers, who provided information during the data processing process, eventually shared how much information of people was revealed in total. According to the hackers’ claim, from the database in question information from a total of 2.05 billion users captured. The size of the file reached 790 GB. The information of the users in the database is not shared.

They will not share or sell any data:

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Hackers claim WeChat and TikTok. to have hijacked will not publish or sell data He shared with these words:

“As the submissions come from all over the world, it’s unlikely we’ll sell or publish this. Finally, this data includes a large number of minors. Releasing such information along with the data stored without the user’s knowledge is so terrible that we believe it could lead to something dangerous. Example: WeChat (state-owned) is in the same database as TikTok (which claims not to provide such information to their government).”

So, could the data really have been compromised? Denial came from TikTok!

Since the topic was the subject of the news, there was a statement from TikTok at the end. Bloomberg reached out to a TikTok spokesperson and received a statement from the spokesperson as follows:

“Our security team has investigated these allegations and determined that the code in question had nothing to do with TikTok’s backend source code at all.”

Although the topic has been denied by TikTok for the time being, it remains on the agenda. We will continue to report as more developments take place.

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