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Apple Store Closed Again, “IPhones Are Rising Again?” Allegedly revealed (the reason is completely different)

Apple has once again closed its online store, the Apple Store, where you can view and buy all Apple products. The store shutdown, which closed before the launch of the latest iPhone 14 and opened with iPhone prices increased, “Is there another surge coming?” brought accusations.

As for any launch when you enter the Turkey page of the Apple Store “We will be right back.” title and “We are making some updates to the Apple Store. Please try again soon.” We get the warning.

The reason is not a new increase for “iPhone Turkey prices”!

Apple Store United States

*This is the warning in the Apple Store USA. It warns users that they are early to pre-order.

The Apple Store has been closed not only in Turkey, but in almost every country in the world. The main reason for this is that the iPhone 14 is now available in many countries. will be available for pre-order to be. The Apple Store is temporarily out of service as Apple will make some updates to its website.

You can watch our content and videos below to learn about the new iPhone 14 series and other Apple products.

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