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It’s 2022, why can’t they make a phone battery that lasts at least a week?

When buying a phone according to our usage habits Let’s look at many different features. While camera performance is important to some of us, others look at the phone’s processor and are interested in how powerful it is.

The general question for everyone is ‘how long does it charge?’ It is possible. After all, it’s important to know how long a device we have around the clock will last… But there’s a problem with this; telephone charges that used to take days now take two days, even if the rock cracks. This is a realistic time if the usage rate is low. But why are the tech giants constantly spending money on improving phones? can’t develop and manufacture batteries that last for days?

Let’s look first at the issue of “the charge that used to take days”;

In fact, the answer to this question is not hard to guess, you may already know it. But let’s talk about it anyway.

telephones used to be despite much ‘smaller’ batteries We didn’t have to charge it for days. This inevitably raises this question when we think about the phones that we sometimes charge twice a day these days.

But back in the day, phones were just “phones.” He wasn’t smart…

We used to use phones only to say “hello” or to text. Come on, you didn’t know how to play snake… Now we do everything you can think of with our phones, and that’s it. much more powerful processorsmeans screens are needed. This also increases the phone’s power consumption. So this is actually the simplest answer to this simple first question.

Phone batteries are actually improving. However many other phone hardware features are developing faster… More power consumption, increasingly longer screen time, and our phone usage patterns… Any of these will keep it from lasting very long, no matter how advanced the batteries are.

‘Well, let’s make batteries strong enough to last for days’

This is the second question that rightly comes to mind. Even ‘a brand new and more powerful battery technology has been developed’ When you see the news, people involuntarily think ‘why can’t we see those powerful batteries’. But there are many logical answers to this question. Let’s look at them all one by one.

First, more powerful battery means ‘bigger battery’

This is our first reason. Smartphones have gotten bigger, but after all, there is a limit for these phones to remain in the old term as “mobile phones.” This, of course, creates a maximum size for the batteries that can be placed in phones.

Likewise, thinner and lighter phones have changed over the years. aesthetic perception and ease of use It is a criterion that many of us look at. This is another obstacle to a more powerful battery.

We have largely reached the maximum capacity limit for phones powered by lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have been used in telephone batteries for many years. Nowadays, especially in flagships,Very powerful batteries are used at the level of 000-6000mAh. The reached point is said to be at the peak of the maximum efficiency point that can be obtained from lithium-ion batteries.

In lithium-ion batteriescompressible strength‘ there is a limit due to the nature of the battery. Since more power cannot be compressed, it is actually quite normal for the batteries to remain at a certain limit…

If there isn’t another battery technology, let them do it…

Naturally stronger, smaller and Many studies are being conducted on batteries with a longer life. Developments are underway with various materials for solid-state batteries that will replace standard lithium-ion batteries. There are also some batteries that work well in the lab environment.

However, there are many different titles to be rated for batteries. The fact that a new battery can last for many more days without recharging with today’s average run time is not the only criterion. In addition, how it affects performance, how long it can work healthy for years by charging Many factors are considered.

Moreover producing a new battery with a new raw material. It will be a process that needs to be prepared for manufacturers as well, compatibility research on phones where a lot of hardware works together, and countless steps should not be skipped.

Of course, there is also the issue of cost. Keeping the prices of smartphones at a certain level is very important for the consumer.

Although this has become a laughing matter for us in our country, for consumers around the world smartphone prices have a psychological upper limit and manufacturers cannot afford to exceed it. I even remember When iPhone prices first hit $1,000 shocked and Apple received a lot of backlash in the US…

Not very effective on loading behavior for the user

Obviously, another major reason is that phones will be dead for days. has not become a ‘need’ for the consumer and has no direct influence on purchasing behaviour. Of course, when such a phone comes out, it will attract everyone’s attention, but for now there is not such intense consumer demand.

The charge takes about a day.Given the average battery life, a phone with a battery that can run as efficiently as two years seems like enough for everyone.

Charging technologies evolve instead of batteries

While technology giants cannot increase battery performance indefinitely, new they close this gap with charging technologies. Many new generation phones now charge in less than an hour. Technologies such as fast charging, contactless charging Because of this, it is not such a big problem to charge the phone every now and then. So, as we mentioned above, a more powerful battery is not a big need.

Could be charging technologies are not evolving and if it took hours for a phone to charge, that would take more, but it isn’t.

In short, with the ongoing R&D studies in the near future, of course, much stronger, much more durable batteries will become the new industry standard. But the way we use phones will probably also have changed with those batteries… We’ll see what’s in store for us.

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