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Huawei Mate 50 Pro may break without consequences

At the conference dedicated to the introduction of the Mate 50 Pro smartphone, Huawei announced that the screen of its new flagship will be protected with Kunlun glass.

According to the official statement, Kunlun glass is 10 times stronger than ordinary glass. In the special version, both the front panel and the back of the smartphone are decorated with them. To demonstrate the protective properties of the glass, a Huawei employee cracked three walnuts in a row while the phone’s screen remained intact.

Of course, we’ll have to wait for independent bloggers like JerryRigEverything to test how strong Kunlun glass actually is. However, it is worth admitting that Huawei has not made such demonstrations before. Instead, it was mainly made by Xiaomi and Redmi.

Huawei Kunlun Glass also obtained the industry’s first Swiss SGS five-star drop resistance certification, confirming that its strength is higher than other protective glass. Source

Source: Port Altele



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