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Google puts Samsung in a difficult position: Android 13 is in demand with updates


An OTA arrives on your phone, the update begins to download. Phone restarts and stays on “update apps” it can take forever depending on the number of apps you have installed. To solve this problem, Google introduced searches seamless updatesIt’s a function that has been available since Android Nougat 7.0 and that most manufacturers have implemented over those five years.

One of the few manufacturers left without this type of update using A/B partitions is Samsung. seamless updates and it has a rather slow process when it comes to updating. That was about to changeAnd according to the latest information on this topic, mobiles with Android 13 will have to support such updates without interruption.

The end of slow updates?

Prior to the advent of A/B partition updates, the system update process was quite slow. The OTA file has been downloaded with the relevant changes. After the file was downloaded the mobile phone was restarted and during this process the system was updated for a few minutes and we rendered it unusable. If the customization layer was heavy, it wasn’t hard to find 10 or 15 minute updates..

Implemented A/B partitions to fix this. As explained in Xataka Android, phones with this type of app with duplicate partitions (A/B). Like this? Thus, when we use the phone with the active one, the changes that come with the updates are executed in the inactive part. When restarting the phone, the system changes partitions (active, updated inactive and inactive becomes active).

This makes updates much faster. Likewise, if the OTA that reaches us has some problems, much easier to revert to a previous version. Manufacturers apply the fastest updates via their A/B partitions, but Samsung is one of the resisters.

Information from testing required to get certifications that manufacturers need to include Google services on their phones now shows that support is mandatory for this type of update, A basic requirement to certify Android 13 with Google services.

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