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Apple Adds iPhone 6 to “Vintage” Product List: What Does It Mean?

After Apple’s launch in recent years, many people have criticized that the products don’t look all that different. Some iPhone models of the past have been criticized for not looking very much like previous iPhone models. One of these models is iPhone It was 6.

The iPhone 6 was launched eight years ago and released in 2016. iPhone 7 It continued production until its release. Apple’s idea of ​​the larger screen Plus variant in this series has been preserved ever since.

iPhone 6 users won’t have any problems (at least for now)

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 series, which was the first series to use features such as Apple Pay, also distinguished itself from its predecessors by its redesigned design. The smartphone, in which these important changes can be seen, will be Apple’s successor. vintage will be among its products. In other words, the iPhone 6 will not be among the officially supported products.

Apple, More than 5 years and less than 7 years brings its models, which it started producing a while ago, under the vintage category. Apple will continue to support products in this category for up to 10 years or the period specified by law. After seven years, these products are now included in the old products. Products that fall under the old products category (except some Match models with battery support) no hardware support. On the other hand, given that iPhone 6 sales ended in 2016, we’re not there yet.

Although Apple has still placed the iPhone 6 models among the models that will live in the fall for the time being, the iPhone 6s will of course have completed its life in the near future. It seems it’s time to slowly start looking at alternative models. After all, even Chris Evans changed his phone, right?

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