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WhatsApp announces the feature to turn off your last seen person for people you want: what happened?

WhatsApp is often brought these days. with new features keeps coming. It has announced many innovations in recent days and then it was announced that the feature to reply to messages with emojis will be available to all users soon.

WhatsApp has introduced the feature that allows you to turn off your last seen long ago. Many users also chose to hide their last seen from everyone once this feature was released. Now WhatsApp, with a new update Who can see your last seen ready to let you choose.

You can hide your last seen from the people you choose.

disable whatsapp last seen

WhatsApp, which has embarked on new changes to its ‘last seen’ status in recent months, has finally presented its new features to beta users thanks to their work. The beta version of allowed users to hide their WhatsApp last seen from their chosen contacts. Of course, if you disable your last seen for the people you choose, you won’t be able to see their status. Just like when you make your last seen ‘nobody’. Users who want to make use of this setting can also use the ‘Privacy’ tab. By going to the ‘Last seen’ section, they can select the contacts they want to hide their last seen from in the newly added option ‘My contacts except’.

However, WhatsApp is preparing to use this feature for your profile picture and other information. Again You can also use the settings you applied on your last visit to hide your profile picture and personal information. Of course, it should not be forgotten that you cannot see the information of those people. With the new features, the number of ‘photographers’ seems to increase considerably. WhatsApp’s response with emojis, file sharing size and many other features are expected to be offered to users soon.

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