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The launch date of Samsung’s new flagship has been announced

The Galaxy Unpacked show, where Samsung will present the...

Cybertruck has already been ordered by one and a half million people: when will Tesla’s long-awaited new product be released?

Tesla promises to start mass production next year. Elon Musk presents this model not only as the best car his company has ever produced, but also as the best car in existence.

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  • Elon Musk introduced the Cybertruck electric pickup truck in the fall of 2019, and the company took delivery in its first week. More than 250,000 pre-orders. The moderately powerful all-wheel drive version with two engines won the most popular – it was chosen by 42 percent of customers. Nearly the same number of three-engine models were chosen, with only 17 percent of customers choosing the budget-friendly single-engine rear-wheel drive configuration.
  • Even during the pandemic, interest in turntables continued: Tesla received hundreds of applications each week.
  • Orders exceeded in 2021 according to Cybertruck Owners Club’s forecasts one million.
  • Now, judging by the information from the same source, it’s outnumbered. 1.5 million.

The demand is impressive, although the company only asks for $100 for the reservation and will be refunded if the customer most likely abandons the purchase. But even if not everyone who pre-orders eventually buys an electric pickup truck, interest in it is still pretty high.

Mass production of the car is scheduled to begin in mid-2023. Presumably, the first owners will get their car in the same year.

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