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Mercedes offers car owners a paid subscription to increase speed

This offer is not for everyone, only for owners of Mercedes-EQ EQE 350 4MATIC, Mercedes-EQ EQE SUV 350 4MATIC and Mercedes-EQ EQS SUV 450 4MATI electric cars. The subscription costs $1,200 per year.

How does it work

A paid subscription unlocks the Acceleration Boost function, which increases engine torque by approximately 20-24%, depending on the car brand. Acceleration time to 100 kilometers per hour is reduced by about 8-9 seconds.

It is not necessary to take the car for service to improve the characteristics, as the blocking of the engine’s capabilities is remotely removed at the software level. For this, the user just has to pay and wait for the information to be updated.

Similar subscriptions are offered by other manufacturers. That’s why BMW offered owners of certain car models for a subscription fee to unlock heated seats, heated steering wheel, high beam control system, driving assistant, update maps for navigation via USB and simulate the roar of a racing engine.

We will remind you that recently the manufacturer Waymo introduced an unmanned taxi without a steering wheel, pedals and side mirrors (they are replaced by cameras). The layout of the car resembles a minivan. In the prototype, the front doors move sideways, acting on curved arms, like those of tourist buses. The rear doors are sliding and the body has no center pillar, making the door opening very large and very convenient for passengers to get on and off.

Source: 24 Tv



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