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iPhone 15 Pro’s screen will undergo a major change: curves (half) are coming according to leaks 8 comments

The year 2023 has just begun, and the flow of information about the iPhone 15 is starting to be constant. It seems certain that there will be no major changes in the basic models, except for the dynamic island, but the Pro and Ultra models will attract all the attention. new leaks They point to a major change regarding their display: curved corners.

Apple and the responsibility that curves entail

New leaks point to an iPhone 15 with the same screen size and design as the iPhone 14, saving the dynamic island implementation. However, on the most expensive models the changes will be profound. The source points out that, first of all, the Pro models will have it. reduction of slopes. These were already quite small in the latest Apple models and would be a change with the 15 Pro.

Apple Watch series 7

The curvature of the edges will be similar to that of the Apple Watch.

Adding to this reduction in bezels is a move that has precedent only on the Apple Watch: curved bezels. Keeping a panel flat to avoid problems caused by panels edgeApple would implement slightly curved bezels. From the source cited Style similar to Apple WatchIt has a flat panel, but has a slight 2.5D around it.

It’s no small change, and the curved bezels of a screen, even flat, bring significant changes in ergonomics. Throughout our analysis, the result was clear: the flatter the panel, the better. We’ll see if Apple can convince otherwise if the leaked information materializes.

The change in bezels is Apple’s first time completely abandons physical buttonsBecause Pro models are expected to have an input that will put an end to the Type-C input, as well as the tactile keypad. damned Lightning port that refuses to go.

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