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Not being able to read WhatsApp messages by states can lead to the app being banned

WhatsApp is in danger of being banned in the UK, one of Europe’s largest countries, due to its most renowned cybersecurity solution, end-to-end encryption. In addition, the reason for this ‘ban’ is that the company provides security as tight as it claims and the messages cannot be ‘tracked’ by the states. But why should WhatsApp be banned because it protects users’ privacy?

The British Parliament has beenOnline Safety ActThis law is specifically aimed at preventing child abuse. However, it is still unclear what obligations the final law will impose on software companies. WhatsApp does.”end to end encryptionIt is stated that the function may be ‘interrupted’ due to this law. By allowing content such as messages to be tracked in some way as required by law, crimes related to child abuse can be prevented. view digitally needs. This is where the conflict between WhatsApp and the UK erupts. In addition, the decision in the United Kingdom would be a reference to other countries.

WhatsApp doesn’t want to give up end-to-end encryption just because the UK wants it to


Will Cathcart, CEO of WhatsApp, made a statement on the subject in mid-last year, saying he would not act with any country’s government. According to Cathcart, the British government should use WhatsApp if it wants to access user messages. blocking all over the country could decide. “Our users around the world want security. 98% of our users are outside the UK and they don’t want us to lower app security.said the WhatsApp boss and continued his words as follows: “We have been blocked in Iran recently. We have never seen a liberal democracy do that.”

WhatsApp and its popular rival, Signal, are walking the same line against the law

WhatsApp and Signal are against the law

Signal, which is one of the popular instant messaging applications recently, has also made a statement on the subject. Signals boss Meredith Whittake told the BBC she is coming from the UK rather than bending the system. would prefer to withdraw he said. Whittake responded to a post on this topic on Twitter and tagged WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart, “I look forward to working with WhatsApp and others.Will Cathcart responded to this post as follows:We are on the same point. Working together and honoring is very important to take a step back.”

The Online Security Act does not mean that end-to-end encryption will be banned, according to the government

Government officials, on the other hand, are making a statement against the claims made by instant messaging applications. Because according to the authorities, the law, which is expected to be passed, is the end-to-end encryption. does not mean delete. a spokesperson”It is not a choice between privacy or child safety. to both we can have and we should.‘ he said.

What cannot be understood here is how to detect child abuse online.

UK online safety law

According to cybersecurity experts and critics, the only way to access child abuse material on a phone is somehow scan the phone. This not only concerns images, but also messages. This is exactly what brings the parties together. According to experts, somehow scanning the device, violates user privacy. However, the government wing argues that methods can be created to prevent abuse.

If we look at the statements of the parties, both sides you have a fair share We see. After all, child abuse is not acceptable anywhere in the world. However, to avoid this, the end-to-end encryption feature of an application like WhatsApp, which has users all over the world, is lifting or stretching Nor is it a reasonable solution. We will see together what will happen.

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