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Two new features have been announced for WhatsApp: they will be more useful on both iPhone and Android

Popular for revealing and showcasing the upcoming updates to WhatsApp while still in beta testing. WABetaInfoshared the new features coming to the iOS and Android versions of the world’s most popular communication application.

from WhatsApp There will be a separate function for the Android version and a separate function for the iOS version.. Let’s talk about the update that will come to the iOS version first.

Image text detection is coming to the iOS version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp text detection

With the release of iOS 16’s APIs for users, WhatsApp The text detection feature is coming. This feature is already available in the Gallery app of iOS 16. With the opening of APIs, you can use this feature directly on WhatsApp.

The one vote in polls feature is coming to the Android version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp poll

Even with serious use, the poll feature that WhatsApp recently introduced can be sabotaged as users could vote more than once. Now when opening a poll in WhatsApp ‘‘Only one vote’ with the option You can enable users to cast one vote.

How do you rate these new features coming to the iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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