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Huawei takes a look at the design of the P60 series ahead of its launch

Huawei has recently taken the unprecedented step of officially revealing the design of its upcoming P60 series flagship ahead of its March 23 launch. This is particularly surprising as the P60 is a premium device, something Huawei hasn’t done before. The trailer gives us a look at two key features the phone will offer – a camera system with a unique background texture and periscopic zoom.

The background texture featured in the trailer looks like a shell and may be a custom material designed specifically for the P60 series. More interestingly, the texture is also used in the camera bump, which is a unique aesthetic that differs from previous P-series devices. The teaser device is expected to be a Pro variant, though not an Art variant.

The camera system of the P60 series uses a vertically arranged triple camera with the center lens enclosed in a giant ring. It’s a design that’s been rumored for a while, and it’s finally been confirmed by Huawei. The middle ring is the highlight of the entire composition, with an outer silver coating. The top camera is said to be an ultra-wide-angle lens, while the bottom camera is said to be a periscope and promises better telephoto zoom images. The module also has the “XMAGE” logo on the bottom right and an LED flash on the top right.

One of the remarkable features of the P60 series camera system is that the middle lens has a separate camera protrusion that doubles the camera height. It is not yet known how much this will increase in height when the phone is laid on its back. On the back of the phone, there are curved edges from all corners and the Huawei logo is located on the lower left side of the phone.

Besides the rumored design and camera system, the P60 Pro will feature a 6.6-inch 2K BOE OLED display and a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. It will also feature an impressive triple camera setup with an upgrade to XMAGE 2.0. A 50MP Sony IMX888 main sensor, 50MP Sony IMX858 ultra-wide sensor and a 64MP OV64B Omnivision sensor and a third telephoto camera with 3.5x optical zoom promise to offer a variety of photography options.

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